Montenegro - ETUC supports Marko Nikcevic

Last night the car of the General Secretary of the Confederation of Trade unions of Montenegro (CTUM), Marko Nikcevic, was destroyed by a car bomb.

Mr Nikcevic has been in office since November 2013 and has started a far-reaching reform of the union, including external audits. Massive financial abuse has been discovered and reported to the Prosecutor for Organised Crime.  In later March 2015 opponents of the CTUM leadership organized a putsch supported by the Ministry of Labour to oust Mr Nikcevic from office.

The ETUC considers registration of the new CTUM leadership by the Ministry of Labour to be illegal, and does not recognize the new leadership of CTUM.    

ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol said “I strongly condemn the car bomb attack on Marko Nikcevic, and the ETUC will continue to support the legitimate leadership of CTUM.

The ETUC will discuss this issue at its Executive Committee meeting in mid-June. CITUM has been a full member of the ETUC since March 2015 precisely because of the deep and courageous reform process which has been underway since the end of 2013.