European Trade Unions protest against violation of trade union rights in Turkey

Brussels, 03/10/2012

As a result of the trial of 69 members of the Turkish Confederation of Public Service Workers, KESK, which will be held on 4 October, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is coordinating a number of new initiatives, both in Turkey and the European Union (EU), in order to draw attention to the erosion of human rights in general, and trade union rights in particular, in Turkey.

The ETUC has organised a number of meetings in Ankara and in Brussels with the European and international trade union movement, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

A joint letter of protest signed by the ITUC, ETUC, EI and EPSU [[International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Education International (EI) and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)]]. has been sent to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. In this letter, the trade union movement also expresses its concerns over delays in reforming Turkish labour legislation. This law must be brought into conformity with the basic standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

A joint delegation will be present as an observer at the trial in Ankara.