ETUC calls upon the Commission to send a clear signal to the Fiji government against its attacks on democracy and human rights

Brussels, 06/05/2013

Despite promises by Fiji’s military government to hold democratic elections in 2014 and to respect its citizens’ human rights, including labour rights, it has done exactly the opposite. The constitutional reform process, over which many in the international community already expressed concern, turned out worse than expected. The machinery for the upcoming elections remains in the hands of the regime, rather than an independent commission. The regime has outlawed opposition political parties. Restrictions on freedom of assembly and speech are expected to be re-imposed shortly with the conclusion of the constitution reform process. Additionally, the government has made no progress on the numerous serious issues reported by the International Labour Organization, and continues to refuse to allow the organization into the country to verify allegations by Fijian and international unions.

ETUC asks the Commission to call on the government of Fiji to ensure a framework for democracy and the exercise of fundamental rights. If Fiji fails to take the necessary measures, Commission should indicate clearly that it will withdraw any financial or technical support.

- Letter sent to Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy