ETUC calls on European Commission for a directive on public services, and presents a half-million signature petition to President Barroso

Brussels, 16/11/2007

Reacting to indications that the Commission is poised to reject proposals for a directive on services of general interest (public services), the ETUC Steering Committee on 15 November warned the Commission that it must give a proper place to public services in the EU single market and not subject them to the same tests as the market sector.

Said John Monks: “The Commission is negative and short-sighted if it does not respect the essential role of public services and accord them adequate protection from market forces. Many services in our societies must continue not to be subject to the profit motive and shareholder value but be governed by the ethos and values of public service. The ETUC’s petition, which has already attracted 510,000 signatures, reflects public affection for public services, which the Commission should recognise and act upon.”