EGYPT: Deep concerns on trade union freedoms

Brussels, 08/03/2012

Following a discussion in the Executive Committee on 6-7 March, the ETUC demands European Commission to intervene urgently with the military government of Egypt to annul the 26 February sentence against Kamal Abbas, general coordinator of the Centre for Trade Union and Worker Services (CTUWS), which was unfairly sentenced, in absentia, to six months imprisonment for “insulting a public officer”.

This sentence is an attack on freedom of expression but also on Egypt’s independent workers’ movement which comes in the context of evident concerted strategy by the authorities. A trade union law is currently being discussed by the Egyptian Parliament but the ETUC fears that these could be a precursor to a take over of the trade union movement” said Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary.

- ETUC Letter to High Representative Baroness Ashton (08/03/2012):

- ETUC Letter to High Representative Baroness Ashton (13/02/2012):