Efficient Use of Natural Resources: A Priority for ETUC!

Brussels, 13/12/2012

If we want to talk about jobs and sustainable growth in Europe, we need to have serious engagements on resource efficiency today!” stated Bernadette Ségol ahead of the meeting. “Reducing our dependence on imported energy and raw materials, and promoting effective sustainable consumption and production policies in companies and society at large, is crucial to European economic health. If as much attention was given to addressing this as we see today in attempts to reduce wages and purchasing power in Europe – then we could talk about Europe having a real strategy for exiting this crisis.

The ETUC’s approach to organising a socially-just transition is based chiefly on five fundamental elements:

- Coherent regulation that introduces figure-based and verifiable objectives in European legislation;
- A policy in support of technological innovation as part of an ambitious European industrial policy;
- Active strategies for education, training and the development of skills to prepare workers;
- The participation of workers through social dialogue whereby they are really involved in the transition process;
- A high level of social protection that safeguards working conditions and guarantees the health and safety of workers.

For the ETUC, a more efficient use of natural resources is synonymous with enhanced competitiveness, economic growth and job creation. The ETUC is therefore actively involved in the work of the European Platform for efficient use of natural resources and is intent on contributing to, and helping advance, the implementation of a ‘Just Transition’.

- The ETUC’s Executive Committee has moreover adopted a detailed resolution which is available on the website: http://www.etuc.org/a/10652

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