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HAK-İŞ Youth Committee

HAK-İŞ Youth Committee, established in 2008, consists of youth representatives and shop stewards of our member unions.HAK-IS Youth Committee commenced its works by young member analysis and upon the results of such analysis, the following issues are identified: knowing the number of our young men and women members, the representation ratio of youth at the levels of confederal headquarter, branch, province and workplace, works on youth and young members performed by our affiliated unions, youth focused arrangements in Terms of References of our trade unions, the problems that young members encounter in working life, the issue of participation of young members to collective labour agreements, the works required to be performed to gain young people to trade unions, the issue of active participation of young people to the trade union activities, the steps to be taken to ensure active participation of young people into the trade union activities.



HAK-IS has implemented important works by seeing young women and men as the future of the trade union movement. Within this framework, HAK-IS has carried out employment-oriented innovative projects for young people in many cities of our country. With this understanding, hundreds of young people have been made employable and their employment has been ensured through employment-oriented vocational training projects implemented in many provinces. HAK-IS Confederation prepared Job Search Techniques Handbook for the youth in 2008 and 2011, and this handbook was made available to young people through ISKUR, municipalities and vocational high schools. With the project to Create Employment in the Food Sector with Innovative Vocational Training Modules, 160 young people’s employability was increased by providing vocational courses as Bread Production Staff in Ankara, Dairy Products Staff in Sakarya, Cake and Pastry Production Staff in İstanbul. With the Youth Workforce Training for the Iron-Steel Sector Project, 125 unemployed young people who compose the target group in Hatay region have been qualified in automation (hydraulic and pneumatic). It contributed to the reduction of unemployment rates by increasing the employment rates of the youth. It is determined that the needs of young workers, especially young female workers, are constantly changing in Europe and Turkey. Young people face difficulties in adapting to changes and developments. The main reasons for these hardships stem from the lack of knowledge, skills and experience. Therefore, young people should be supported and their capacities also ought to be strengthened in order to overcome these deficiencies. In this context, The Empowerment of Youth Women Labor Through Non-Formal Learning Project is carried out with the participation of partners from Bulgaria, France and Albania under the coordination of HAK-IS. During the project process, Trade Unions Literacy Guide, Youth Interaction Platform Meeting, Public Spotlight which is called From Now Onward will be prepared. In this context, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of young workers through non-formal learning, especially young women workers who are the target group. HAK-IS Youth Strategy and Road Map have been revised in accordance with strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats emerged as a result of this study performed in a quite comprehensive manner.