Sekcija mladih Savez samostalnih sindikata Srbije

The Youth Section of the CATUS is engaged in the protection of economic, social and professional interests and the creation of the rights and social position of young people in Serbia.


We are currently developing a mobile application regarding labor rights that will be on the Google play store (in April 2021.). The application is basically a quiz, but with explanations from the law. It is intended for all young people and those who want to expand their knowledge of labor law. 
Due to the epidemic, last year, we conducted a survey with the countries of the former Yugoslavia on the impact of covid-19 on young people. 
We also plan to educate high school and college students about the trade union, but this is currently impossible, so we have focused on online activities such as public speaking, environmental protection and trade union promotion.
The Youth Section also supports the initiative to ratify Convention 190.