Framework agreement on active ageing

Maltese negotiators

A framework agreement on active ageing between the Maltese General Workers’ Union and the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry adopts an intergenerational approach to ensure a healthy, safe and productive working environment.

The aim is to enable workers to remain on the labour market and to encourage the transfer of knowledge and experience between generations. The social partners agreed that labour market policies must be designed to retain valuable human resources and experience in the workforce. They will promote good practices through a digital tool which will be made available to the public.

“The GWU supports all workers, including those who decide to continue working after reaching their retirement age,” said Josef Bugeja, GWU Secretary General. “We believe that employees with long years of experience have a lot to offer to their organisations’ culture and the rest of the team. This agreement is putting us in a better position to keep supporting and protecting active ageing collectively. Working hand-in-hand with the Malta Chamber is a good step in the right direction to reach our aims together. This is the second autonomous framework agreement signed together with the Malta Chamber.”

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