"Starting a European Dialogue on the Platform Economy" Brussels, 23 January 2018

23 January 2018 00:00

La Tentation

Rue de Laeken 28
1000 Brussels

"Starting a European Dialogue on the Platform Economy":  Brussels, 23 January 2018

The goal of the event is to discuss new business models for operators of digital platforms and new approaches to policy making with experts, workers, politicians and trade unionists, with a view to shape fair work in a digital economy.

Unions and platform operators are often regarded as opponents in the public debate. This event tries a more co-operative approach and aims to establish a dialogue between all major stakeholders to present their views on a fair, sustainable and innovative digital environment that will provide fair digital jobs for workers and good service for customers.

Thus the event is designed:

• To highlight and discuss existing initiatives carried out in a spirit of cooperation, and

• To foster discussion among traditionally opposed stakeholders about joint interests and possibilities for future co-operation.

The event will bring together about 100 participants: platform representatives, experts, workers and trade unionists, in a roughly equal balance.

The event builds on the French-initiated network Sharers&Workers and is the first European version of the co-operative approach which it has implemented. It is co-organised by ETUI, ETUC, Ires & Astrees. ‘Sharers&Workers’ convenes representatives of platforms, politicians, research, and trade unions in discussion on the platform economy, and is now expanding to European level.