Statement on the Revision of the Regulations on the coordination of social security systems


The ETUC has been calling for improvements of the rules on the coordination of social security systems for years.

We need improvements to the current rules to better fight against abuses and fraud and to strengthen mobile workers’, posted workers’ and frontier workers’ rights, as well as to improve and operationalise the cooperation between Member States.

Now it is possible to deliver much needed improvements to the legal framework by completing in a positive manner the negotiations on the revision of the Regulations on the coordination of social security systems.

The restart of the negotiations is a very important step. We call on the European institutions to reach a final result which ensures improvements for working people and steps forward to tackle abuses and to guarantee that workers’ rights are fully respected.

We need the revised legal framework to improve rights and conditions of mobile, posted workers and frontier workers and to be based on the principle of full equal treatment, as well as to include effective provisions against social dumping and fraud.

Almost three years after the publication of the Commission proposal, workers and trade unions ask for a fair solution to be finally reached.