The policies that the European institutions and national governments are pushing through in the aftermath of the financial collapse, when the crisis is hitting harder the real economy and the life of millions of workers in Europe, are based on major and widespread austerity measures and fiscal consolidation plans that focus only on cutting public expenditure, public services, wages with very dangerous interferences with the collective bargaining processes and the social dialogue at national level. This happens while bankers and CEOs are continuing to receive huge and scandalous bonuses and pay and very little has been done to remove what really causes the crisis.

The European trade union movement stands clearly against these policies and states that this is not only unfair because the burden is carried only by the ones who are not responsible for the crisis, but also wrong from a economic and strategic point of view.

To give voice to the European workers who condemn these political choices and to make their alternative proposals being heard, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is organising jointly with its 6 Hungarian member organisations (LIGA, ASZSZ, SZEF, ESZT, MszOSz, and MOSz) an Euro-demonstration on Saturday 9 April 2011 in Budapest , where the Council of Ministers of Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) will take place.

Route and Time of demonstration


Euro-demonstration Budapest 09/04/2011 nagyobb térképen való megjelenítése

The Euro-demonstration will take place on the 9th of April in Budapest. It will start at 13.30 pm at Heroes Square :

Support material for demonstration


"No to Austerity - For Social Europe, for Fair Pay and for Jobs"


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If you would like to receive a poster, please contact Antonio Moreira

Information to the press

Press Conferences:

- 8th of April : John Monks , ETUC General Secretary and the 6 Hungarian Trade Union Presidents will meet the press at 1 pm to the Hotel Benczùr Budapest : .

- 9th of April : John Monks , ETUC General Secretary, the 6 Hungarian Trade Union Presidents and Trade union leaders taking part in the Euro-demonstration (General secretaries and/or presidents) will meet the press at 11am to the Hotel Benczùr Budapest :

Will follow a reception , where journalists are invited to meet and interview European trade union leaders.

- Temporary list of European trade union leaders present at the Euro-demonstration


The ETUC will take photos of the Euro-demonstration and will place them online after the event.

Videos of the Euro-demonstration

Pictures of the Euro-demonstration

Pictures of the press conference announcing the Euro-demonstration

You can follow the Euro-demonstration on Facebook:


Press contact

Press contacts: for any requests for additional information, please get in touch with the ETUC press contacts or the Hungarian trade union organisations.

ETUC press contacts

Patricia Grillo Head of Press and Communications +32 (0) 2 22 40 430 +32 (0) 477 77 01 64

Daniele Melli Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 431 + 32 (0) 473 94 25 63

Emanuela Bonacina Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 432 +32 (0) 473 94 26 47

Press contacts for Hungarian trade union organisations

Peter Fiedler (LIGA) : +36 70/455-0911

Eniko Szabo (ASZSZ) : +36 30/933-5366