Brussels, 15/12/2008

European social partners identified work-related stress as an issue of common concern at the beginning of the decade. In 2005, 22% of workers reported that they felt affected by stress.

The 2004 agreement provides the framework to translate this common concern into action, defining the reciprocal responsibilities of employers and workers. This framework agreement proposes methods to devise mutually acceptable solutions to deal with stress in particular at company level. At the core of the agreement is an obligation to identify, prevent and manage problems of work-related stress.

This joint implementation report shows that the autonomous framework agreement is of real added value. It raised awareness about the importance of dealing with problems of work-related stress when they occur at the workplace. It acted as a catalyst for action by social partners across Europe.

Tackling stress at work helps to increase efficiency and improve occupational health and safety, with economic and social benefits for employers, workers and society as a whole.

Further information

See 2008 report on the Implementation of the European autonomous framework agreement on work-related stress.

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