Brussels, 16/06/2006

The ETUC Executive Committee has reiterated its support for the Constitution while stressing the need to strengthen its social dimension, for instance by adding a Social Protocol on social and economic governance.

The ETUC remains attached to the main parts of the Constitution, in particular the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the social objectives and values as well as the role of social partners: it is crucial that the ETUC should be associated with any re-discussion of the Constitution from an early stage, in a way which is at least as participative and transparent as the Conventional process in which the ETUC played a part.

The preparation of the Declaration to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rome Treaties in Berlin on 25 March 2007 would be a first step to involve the ETUC. In the meantime Europe must make progress in tackling unemployment which is the major preoccupation of European citizens.

John Monks, ETUC General Secretary, said: “The European Council decided that work should now focus on the delivery of concrete results that citizens expect. The ETUC will play its part by campaigning all-out to establish a strong social dimension for Europe aligned to the Constitution.