Brussels, 03/03/2009

Social protest movements are taking place in many European countries – such as in France, Iceland, Ireland and Latvia – as Europeans find themselves paying the price of a crisis caused by unbridled speculation. ETUC is calling for a New Social Deal that gives priority to workers and citizens. This social agenda will have to focus on the main concerns of European citizens: employment, purchasing power and their fundamental rights.

The European trade union movement is kicking off a campaign that will include four European events from 14 to 16 May 2009 – on 14 May in Madrid, 15 May in Brussels, 16 May in Prague and Berlin.

This wide-ranging campaign will serve to make the governments assume their responsibility of providing European responses to this crisis, rather than simply taking case-by-case measures.

ETUC Declaration for European action days

ETUC Declaration Fight the crisis: put the people first