Montserrat Mir Roca was elected as Confederal Secretary of the ETUC in Paris in 2015, having served as elected International and Cooperation Confederal Secretary of the Spanish CC.OO since 2013. In the ETUC her areas of work include sustainable development, climate change and energy policy, as well as gender equality, work/life balance, intergenerational solidarity and corporate social responsibility. Montserrat started work as a temporary employee with the Spanish postal service Correos in 1983. She was elected as General Secretary of the CC.OO postal section in Girona in 1996. From 2000 onwards, as International Secretary of CC.OO’s postal section, she was active in the sector’s European Dialogue Committee. Montserrat was also a founding member of the European Social Observatory in the postal sector. She became a member of the CC.OO national executive and national council in 2008, and joined the ETUC Executive Committee in 2013. As a deputy member of the ITUC General Council (2013-2014), she took part in trade union delegations to the ILO, IMF and World Bank. She also participated in L20 /G20 meetings. Prior to her trade union career, Montserrat studied public relations at the Universities of Girona and Barcelona. She worked as an art gallery director and art books editor