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Fair wages directive
27.10.2020 Press release

Unions set out 6 key tests for EU wages directive

The European Commission will publish a proposal for a Directive on Fair Minimum Wages and Collective Bargaining tomorrow (28 October).  The ETUC suggests the following key tests for the Directive. Does the Directive:
22.10.2020 Press release

Ministers urged to make Industrial Strategy for quality jobs

Ahead of the  informal video conference of ministers for Competitiveness on 23 October, Isabelle Schömann, ETUC Confederal Secretary, calls on the ministers to take the ETUC priorities[1] on board for  a sustainable and responsible Industrial Stra

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16.10.2020 Document

Petition "More Democracy at Work is a must!"

Petition More Democracy at Work is a must! European workers are now facing the massive social and economic consequences brought by the pandemic. An inclusive recovery and just transitions can only be achieved together in democratic manner, including the guarantee that all workers have a say and are effectively involved in the day-to-day life of their workplace.
14.10.2020 Document

Letter to Employment Ministers on Recovery Plan

Dear Ministers, As the European Union shows readiness to implement an ambitious Recovery Plan, Europe must emerge from the COVID-19 outbreak avoiding massive unemployment, a recession and a rise in inequality and social exclusion, and build a socially fair and inclusive recovery.
12.10.2020 Publication

A People’s Recovery - Everybody on board For a fairer, greener & digital future!

A People’s Recovery Everybody on board for a fairer, greener & digital future! ETUC acknowledges the efforts made to create a €750 billion European Union recovery plan on top of the EU’s long-term budget (ie MFF). Although not enough it represents a much better response to the COVID crisis than the EU’s austerity-driven response to the 2008 financial crisis. With 45 million workers at risk of unemployment the stakes are very high.
06.10.2020 Publication

Joint statement of the European and Ukrainian trade unions on the occasion of the EU-Ukraine Summit, 6 October 2020

Joint statement of the European and Ukrainian trade unions on the occasion of the EU-Ukraine Summit, 6 October 2020. According to the terms of the  AA and DCFTA, Ukraine must implement international labour norms in law and in practice, ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining in particular, strengthen social dialogue and capacities of social partners, and gradually align its legislation with the EU Acquis in the field of employment, remuneration, social policies and equal opportunities. These obligations  currently are not respected by Ukraine.
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The ETUC takes action in a number of ways: through political pressure and negotiations with EU institutions, social dialogue, and large-scale demonstrations.

Since the start of the crisis, the European Union has demonstrated its growing power over countries that use the single currency. But even outside the Eurozone, EU Member States face the same challenges and are becoming increasingly interdependent. Climate change, energy supply, worker mobility and migration are among the issues that cannot be tackled by individual nations.

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